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Stuman November 24, 2005 17:24

Centrifugal compressor volute
Hi all, I am after a guide as to how to model a centrifugal air compressor with a volute. All the radial flow examples I have seen do not include a volute, hence I am not sure as to how to mesh it.

If I design the volute in cad, do I import it into ICEM or CFX and mesh it in there? Then import the bladegen file into turbogrid, mesh that half there and then bring the two meshes together in cfx turbo pre? Is that how it works?

If anyone could help with either an example or a tutorial, that would be great.

Thanks Stuman

jieremy November 28, 2005 02:47

Re: Centrifugal compressor volute
Hi,CFX can merge/assemble a few kind of meshes in different tool such as from Bladegen ,ICEM,NASTRAN,CFX,etc. Here I give u an advice for comporessors' modelling. 1.after building a 3D model of compressor in bladegen ,u can generate your mesh for compressor by Bladegen with nastran mesh outporting or mesh it by turbogrid with CFD mesh outporting. 2.when volute is set up by CAD tool ,just mesh it by mesh tool such as ICEM,gridgen,CFX-MESH etc.Then u can outport it in the right mesh format for CFX . 3.Import your mesh built in the first and second steps and set the right interfaces between compressor and volute as needly. Finally if the mesh from turbogrid is only single flow part,just transform it by copying rotationaly.

So cfx-turbo has not been used,too.But,I think it dosen't matter.

Good luck jieremy

Stuman November 29, 2005 01:25

Re: Centrifugal compressor volute
Thanks for that. I have found a tutorial in CFX 10 named Multiphase flow in a mixing tank. In this tutorial there is a rotary mixer and a tank. The two are meshed separately and then 'merged' together in CFX Pre. The trick was to remove the exact volme from the tank mesh, that was occupied by the mixer mesh. This means when the two are merged, there is a seamless transition between the 2 Domains. That was interesting. Also the boundary interfaces between the two Domains was also tricky, but very logical.

An example would be great.

Thanks for your help Stuman

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