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ritesh November 26, 2005 15:36

how to map resultd from cfx to ansys?
Hi ,I have done analysis in cfx 10.i wan to transfer that results (surface pressure ) to ansys 10 so that in ansys i can do stucture analysis as my prob is fsi.I have tried using export to ansys.I have also tried with ansys import/export -export ansys load file in cfx post.and also tried with in ansys wb that apply pressure by cfx results.but i have not achieved it .i want that whatever results i am getting in cfx that should be mapped i nansys file.For that surface mesh should remain same.For that i have generated mesh in icem cfd.So what should i do.i can follow these steps .whetehr they are right or wrong pls tell me if anybody knows.

I should import mesh in ansys from icem cfd I should map results from cfx 10 can anybody tell me what i should do Thanx

sachin December 8, 2005 03:25

Re: how to map resultd from cfx to ansys?
For FSI, the following steps should be followed 1)first run cfd analysis 2)import ansys mesh file(it should include only surface mesh strictly) in cfd post on existing result file 3)then the cfd results will be interpolated on surface mesh which is imported in previous step 4)then export this to ansys from cfd post.

Regards Sachin Shendge

alialibas June 1, 2011 07:52

Hi sachin,

I did what you said in all the steps, but my problem is how to import this surface load into ANSYS mechanical?

CFX-Post can export .xml or .sfe formats in the assosiciated surfaces. Any of these formats cannot be imported in the workbench environmet. For example, in workbench' mechanical module, after inserting pressure, i choose import choise scope, and i have to do this import with .xml format. then i choose the file that i got from CFX-Post. but Mechanical warn me as " either there is no specified location or source data available" bla bla...

i think there is another method for this type of usage. Is there anyone know this???


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