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fintan November 29, 2005 09:24

body operations
i'm a final year mechanical engineering student modelling exhaust fume dispersion for my final year project. i successfully modelled a car in workbench and want to run a simulation to model the dispersion of exhaust fumes of a car in an air tunnel setup. i'm told that to save trouble and complications, draw a model of a solid block for the air tunnel and cut the volume of the car from that block but i just can't find a way to do this. i'm sure its a simple operation but for some reason i can't do it! any suggestions??

i went ahead and used the model of the car in a frozen block and the only problem is that the face of the exhaust that i set as an inlet into the air tunnel is confusing the computer. the 2-Dsurface is being treated as a volume and when set as an inlet, the arrows point toward the face from both sides of the surface.

DAK565656 November 30, 2005 03:09

Re: body operations
It's easy. Create->Body Operations->cut material

rajit November 30, 2005 23:56

Re: body operations
if you are freezing the car then rather try freezing the huge block and then perform the body operation as said by mr.Dak. it is really simple.


rajit December 1, 2005 00:05

Re: body operations
iam sorry iwas wron the last time around.the cache is the cutting tool shud be your case the cutting tool is the car.

one more tip regarding this if there are any rounds in the surface you are talking abt consider removing them and then try the operation.

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