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Sinjae December 1, 2005 15:59

Error message from the CFX5 Post
I use Sun Blade and have an error message while I am using Post to create a velocity contour plot on the symmetry plane.

The message I have from the computer is

/././cfx-5.7/bin/splaris/PostGui_ogl was interruped by signal BUS (10) and dumped core. Comm::error:GUIInterface::waitInput - The return code from CUEProtocol is empty. Engine state was dumped to ....

Is there anyone to give me any suggestions? Thanks.

Mike December 6, 2005 15:03

Re: Error message from the CFX5 Post
This means the program crahsed, probably caused by the graphics card. If you run in software graphics rendering mode it will most likely work fine, but the graphics will be slower:

cfx5post -gr mesa

You could check for updated drivers for you graphics card too. Mike

Sinjae December 9, 2005 18:08

Re: Error message from the CFX5 Post
Thank, Mike. I will try it.

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