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veera December 23, 2005 05:54

Simulation of pump with Straight blades
Hi all, I am doing simulation of pump having 4 straight blade impeller. I am using Mass flow outlet and Total pressure inlet. Initially I solved with Frozen rotor interface (steady state), I got results with a deviation of around 25% than the experimental results for various mass flow conditions.

Why the results are more deviated form actual results????

1. Is it because of the straight blades with 90 deg angle deference????

2. Is that Steady state analysis will give good results for straight blades or we need go for transient analysis.

Thanks Veera

Rashmi December 26, 2005 09:13

Re: Simulation of pump with Straight blades
Hi veera,

Just check the advection scheme whatever U have used for ur simulation.Bcoz once it happened for me also like this for the same kind of BC and I was using upwind scheme where I found the test results are not matching upto the mark.

Then I gave high resolution scheme and made it to "run" by giving the upwind scheme results as initial files.....Then I found the results showing a lot of difference.

Just try this out.If it works then fine well and good..!!!!

veera December 26, 2005 10:07

Re: Simulation of pump with Straight blades
Thanks for reply. But I am using High resolution only. And my convergence value 1e-5.

I am doing transient analysis. I have seen lot of defference in the results.

Thanks Satish

sourabh December 26, 2005 14:51

Re: Simulation of pump with Straight blades
Hi Veera,

I am working on frozen rotor model, can u tell me the reference for exp. results of your problem for validation purpose

anandh January 12, 2006 01:52

Re: Simulation of pump with Straight blades
hai all,

Please check your simulation details for me. I also designed a pump impeller usign MATLAB. Stragiht blade arrangement is it possible?

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