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Nick December 30, 2005 10:29

CFX in 64bit
Hi, i am about to buy a 64bit processor and i was wondering if ICEM v10 and CFX v10 can run automatically in 64bit (assuming i have installed XP 64bit). Also, i have generally problems with the element and memory allocation. Usualy my runs end up with a message "not enough free memory", so my second question is this, is there an element number limit depending on the memory modules installed? Thank you all in advance.

longbow December 30, 2005 13:17

Re: CFX in 64bit
As far as I know, ICEM CFD 10 (more specifically, Hexa) can run on XP64bit. However, this is not the result of an extensive test. The best way to find it out is checking with CFX technical support.

Kiddo December 31, 2005 07:45

Re: CFX in 64bit
I'm sure you can run it on LINUX-X64 OS (like Fedora 3.5 /Centos3.5 ... with X64 version)

matej January 2, 2006 05:30

Re: CFX in 64bit
as far as the ansys web says, the 64bit versions are only for Linux,SGI and HPUX. You can run it also on win2000, but under 32 bit only, which is waste of money.

version 11 should work on winXP-64 (the web says). We are happy users of linux Opteron box where CFX-10 runs fine.


Bui Tran Trung January 4, 2006 00:12

Re: CFX in 64bit
I have a version 64bit of Ansys Multiphysics 10 ! However, I don't have version 64bit of Ansys Workbench, Ansys CFX10 I'll install WinXP 64bit and try Ansys Multiphysics 10 64bit few days later

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