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Gab January 5, 2006 17:12

particle tracking
Hi, all

I am trying to do particle tracking to get a particle residence time distribution. The method I use is:

1. obtain steady state flow field 2.set particle input at inlet(CFX does not allow to set a point source for particles)

number of position=5000 [kg^-1] particle mass flow=0.01[kg s^-1]*step( (t-0.9[s])/1[s] )*step( (1.05[s]-t)/1[s])

3 do transient simulation(CFX10) using steady state solution as initial value, and time step is 1 s

The problem is that, at the montoring point, I got several peaks(particle number rate) at different timesteps . Each peak is very sharp and has same height. This is completely not reasonable

Can someone suggest how to get a residence time distribution curve using particle tracking?



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