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BI CHANG January 14, 2006 15:31

Could you suggest some Useful FSI textbook?
Hi! everyone^*^

I have a couple of question on FSI. 1. I am supposed to modeloing wind-induced vibration for a light pole using CFX10 and ANSYS. I have not bought CFX but this program is the best one that I have seen from internet info.

Prior to the trial, I would like to look at some textbooks or references regarding FSI. Would you suggest any books related FSI?

2. Does FSI modeling take long time? (using P4 3.0Ghz 1 g ram) If 150ft long and 2ft diameter, I would like to see dominant mode and stress (or displacement) history during 60 second. I know wind should vary along the height.

3. Is that possible for user to input aerodynamic damping and structural damping in the CFX-ANSYS modeling?

4. Do I need another program or software to modeling FSI? I am not sure the order to model (1) Create the structure model in ANSYS and mesh it (damping->possible? and E etc) (2)Input structral property (2) Import the mesh IN cfx (3) Create air flow mesh and inlet outlet and others (4) Input air property and aerodynamic damping etc (possible?) (5) Input the period of air flow (6) RUn (7) see output and compare with field data

Would you anybody give me some advice before I purchase a software? Instead CFX, oLNY ansys can model that?

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