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CFDworker January 27, 2006 10:14

SST model and rough wall (CFX-10.0)

Can the SST-model handle a rough wall?

I can see that it is not possible in CFX-Pre to include wall rooughness when using the SST-model, but I have heard that it is possible to include it through ccl. But before I try it out, I am interessted in hearing some experiences or opinions on using the model. I am using the model for aerodynamic computations at high Reynolds number (6E6).

What would happen if I applied a roughness height larger the a y+ of 2?

Would I get reasonable results with an approach like that?

Best regards CFDWorker

TB January 27, 2006 13:42

Re: SST model and rough wall (CFX-10.0)
It pays to search for previous post:

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