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Janendra Telisinghe January 30, 2006 16:15

Meshing Film cooling geometry
Dear All,

I am trying to mesh a film cooling geometry. In my fluid domain, I have the plenum, the cooling holes and the freestream. I am using Ansys ICEMCFD ver 10.0.1 and meshing the domain using tets and prisms. I am having difficulty getting reasonable quality mesh at the exit of the coolant holes. I tried to get a conformal hybrid mesh, but that didn't produce a solveable mesh. Would anyone be able to give me any adivce on how I would be able to mesh such geometry please? Should I be trying the mesh the geometry by producing a non-conformal hybrid mesh? The Freestream would contain hex elements and the plenum and cooling holes would have tet elements?

Thank you, Yours sincerely, JT

TB January 31, 2006 07:16

Re: Meshing Film cooling geometry
Use pure hex mesh unless you have any particular reason not to do so.

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