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sameer February 1, 2006 11:48

2d axisymmetry problem in CFX
hello all,

i am a doing my PG in MUMBAI. i am doing a project in CFX, which is a 2D axisymmetric problem.

Can any one tell me , how to that coz CFX doesnt solve 2d problems.

wating for reply & solution.

siva February 1, 2006 13:00

Re: 2d axisymmetry problem in CFX
hello, Make 3d mesh with 1 cell in 3rd direction. This gives you 2D solution.

Regards, Siva

Glenn Horrocks February 1, 2006 17:26

Re: 2d axisymmetry problem in CFX

There is some discussion of 2D simulations in the CFX10 documentation.

Glenn Horrocks

Ganapathy February 3, 2006 06:50

Re: 2d axisymmetry problem in CFX
Axisymmetric may be difficult while using 1 cell 3D

Glenn Horrocks February 5, 2006 17:33

Re: 2d axisymmetry problem in CFX

CFX can do 2D axisymmetric simulations just fine. Just sweep the geometry around a small arc (say 1 degree) and one element thick and it works fine.

On little trick to keep in mind here is mass flows are measured on your wedge, not the full revolved shape. That is if you have a 1 degree wedge the mass flows will be 1/360 of the total mass flow.

Glenn Horrocks

Manu March 1, 2006 14:36

Re: 2d axisymmetry problem in CFX
Hi Glenn I m trying to model a 45 degree wedge shape of a 1mm dia and 1000mm long pipe.I am generating structured mesh od 40x10000=4 Million grid points. But it turns out to be nearly correct but not exact.That is when i am computing U/Umean.It is coming above 2 but It must come 2. Do i need further refinement or it is not possible to get an exact solution. Please help!


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