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yi February 8, 2006 13:15

ICEM CFD 10.0 cannot import Tecplot mesh!!!
If I just use ICEM to import the binary sample file originially provided by Tecplot(*.plt), there is no problem. However, if I first load the sample file into Tecplot, then use the "write data" function in Tecplot to save the sample file in another name such as sample2.plt. Then this file cannot be importted into ICEM! What I get from ICEM is just an error message saying "cannot read the file".

Do you think there is a bug in ICEM 10.0? Did Ansys thoroughly test their "Tecplot Import Function" before they release it?

KBanks February 13, 2006 06:07

Re: ICEM CFD 10.0 cannot import Tecplot mesh!!!
The problem you are describing sounds more like a Tecplot issue than an ICEM issue, since it works just fine until you change it in Tecplot and write it out again.

suryajagan77 September 30, 2015 14:07

Have you got any solution of this problem ?

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