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Eric February 14, 2006 13:22

Transient simulation - pressure shifted
Hi cfx users,

I made a transient simulation and set a reference pressure to 100000 Pa. I also set a 0 Pa reference pressure at one point of the domain (under the solver control panel). When checking the result file, I notice that the pressure is shifted upward and the pressure is like 10^6 at the point where I set it to 0! And this, even if I select the option "compressible transient option = none" which is supposed to prevent the pressure from being shifted! (I just specify that my pressure is density dependent)

But it should remain to 0 anyway. Why is it like this? And why is it so difficult to handle simple things with this software? Any tips would be welcome. Thanks.


Eric February 14, 2006 13:42

Re: Transient simulation - pressure shifted
I just add that at the beginning of the run I got this message: "This is a transient run with at least one compressible fluid and no explicit pressure level set. The pressure level is implied through the transient term in the continuity equation."

Is that not enough to set the pressure under the "pressure level information" panel??? I should mention that I don't have other choice for setting a pressure level. Any suggestions?


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