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steven February 19, 2006 18:02

can CFX5 or 10 do this (about droplet evaporation)
hi, there

I am doing some droplet evaporation simulations with particle tracking method with CFX5 or CFX10. I know CFX provides a template .ccl file for droplet evaporation. For some reason, I don't want to use this model. My model is simple. Just like

droplet mass loss rate=f(Tbulb, Tenv, Diameter, etc..)

Tbulb is web bulb temperature which is fixed through the particle life in my simulation. Tenv is envrionment temperature which is also fixed. So basically, I want to calculte this Mass(loss) and update droplet diameter for each time step.

Can I do that? Which userfortran should i use? Thanks!

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