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Tom February 20, 2006 05:16

Multiple Flow.
Hello. Can I define & solve two (or more) entirely difefrent flow of two (or more) different fluids in a single simulation using CFX? If yes, how? Regards, Tom Ford

Phil February 20, 2006 10:45

Re: Multiple Flow.
Yes, provided the two regions are not connected (eg, separated by a CHT solid). You need to set an environment variable 'CFX5_NO_CONSTANT_PHYSICS=t' to be able to set it up in CFX Pre, though. See thread below on 'Multiple domains...' for further details, or contact your service rep for more help.

shankhar February 25, 2006 23:40

Re: Multiple Flow.
hai ,

i have a problem and i would like to know how to proceed r analysis...and i want u to suggest a suitable solutions and package for it... the problem is we r doing our project in failure of economiser coil due flue gas and the water flowing thro it...can u help me in finding a solution and suggest..similarly what software say like Ansys or fluent can be used.....mail me ur reply, it is urgent....mail at or call me at 9865140705 TN... regards shankhar

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