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koukouken February 23, 2006 03:52

About thermal radiation
Good veryone! I have some troubles about the thermal radiation. Now I am working in natural convection problem using CFX. In one domain, the temperature difference of two wall boundary is very big(200k), and the two walls are very near. SO the radiant is too strong to be neglected. I want to know that CFX can consider automatically the radiation? If can't, how can I define the radiation model? Thank you a lots!

TobiasZ February 23, 2006 06:01

Re: About thermal radiation
Hi Koukouken,

It is possible to include thermal modelling in CFX-Pre, if you go on the Fluid Models tab panel and switch on Radiation Model (at the end of the side). If you have a optical thin medium I think the CFX manual suggests to use the Monte Carlo or Discrete Transfer model. Don't forget to set the initialisation of thermal intensity and emmision coeffecients at the boundaries.

Best wishes


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