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charles February 25, 2006 10:51

counter rotating boundary for blade
hi everyone, I am modeling two bladed rotorcraft domain that was set up as rotating for fluid domain and no-slip wall for blades. but results are not satisfactory. if anyone, has any experience about counter-rotating boundary and blades, can help me that b.c. for blades is convenient?

best wishes

sachin February 27, 2006 23:53

Re: counter rotating boundary for blade

just give brief of ur fluid domain and wall u want to set as a counter-rotating wall.


charles February 28, 2006 03:39

Re: counter rotating boundary for blade
hi sachin, i am studing on my graduate work. i have cylindirical rotating fluid domain and at the center stationary two rotorcraft blades. my y+ is 1 and this corresponds to 0.0023 for first cell height.first, i set no-slip wall for blade and sst for turbulence model. i realized these bad results were brought about inadequate points along chord. but i did not find too explanation in cfx about counter-rotating boundary. i wonder about which circumstances are required in counter-rototing b.c?


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