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Tim March 3, 2006 09:10

Restatring run
Hi, i had a run that stopprd halfway through because of a disk space problem. I have a backup file (*.bak) from just before the run was terminated. i've read a previous thread on here about renaming it as a .res and using that in the command line instead of a .def. if i do this do i need to specify an initial results file? will the run continue on as if it hadn't been stopped? is there anything else i need to alter for the run to go ahead? any help would be much appreciated.. Tim

siv March 3, 2006 12:34

Re: Restatring run
i dont know about renaming the .bak file but to restart your run:

cfx5solve -def filename(your definition file name) -initial abc_001.dir/30_full.bak

abc_001.dir is your result file name and inside that directory you will find your back up result file for e.g. 30 iterations.

If you start in this way it calculates from 31st iteration.

Tim March 3, 2006 12:54

Re: Restatring run
great! Thanks a million for the quick reply Tim

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