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cscfx November 29, 2019 22:17

where finding :quench flux?
simulating a vertical Subcooled Boiling and the wall boiling model was used.when i do the postprocessing,i cannot find the quench flux and convective flux?where i can find? if using fluent do the simulation,i can see the three part heat flux. cfx can not show the three part heat flux? thanks for any help!

Z.P. Yao November 30, 2019 04:19

I found following relationships:
'Liquid.Wall Heat Flux'='Vapour|Liquid.Heat Flux to Liquid'≠0,
'Vapour|Liquid.Heat Flux to Liquid'+’Vapour|Liquid.Heat Flux to Vapour'='Wall Heat Flux',
'Vapor.Wall Heat Flux'=0,
'Vapour|Liquid.Heat Flux to Vapour'≠0.
I think that Qq and Qc are included in 'Vapour|Liquid.Heat Flux to Liquid', and they may need to be represented by CEL. I am also confused about this, and hope to get a solution too.

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