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karwendel December 3, 2019 05:54

Domain Initialization

is there a chance to initialize from a res-file that does not contain every domain of the def-file?

In my case: I've got a steady-state solution for a basic turbomachinery stage.

Next step: I want to add a second stage downstream of the same first stage and use my already available steady-state solution of the first stage for initialization purposes.

At this point CFX complains that it can't find initial values for the second stage in the initialization file which are obviously missing.

Thank you

ghorrocks December 3, 2019 06:25

Have you tried using the interpolation command line tool to transfer it rather than an initial condition?

karwendel December 3, 2019 07:26

No, I haven't thought about it yet. I will give it a try. If something else comes into your mind, let me know :-) thanks

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