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adilarvind December 3, 2019 08:44

Error:Non-scalars are only allowed as arguments to integrated quantity functions
I am writing an expression CFX which includes angular velocity ( i will give it as input when setting up the simulation )
the expression is tc =(8*torque_y()@R1 Blade)/(1.225*(Angular Velocity)^2*(0.3^5))

But whenever i am giving it as monitor point, it shows error :Non-scalar variable 'Angular Velocity' referenced by parameter 'Expression Value' in object '/FLOW:Flow Analysis 1/OUTPUT CONTROL/MONITOR OBJECTS/MONITOR POINT:tcc'.
Non-scalars are only allowed as arguments to integrated quantity functions.

i can define the angular velocity as fixed value and it works, but i want it to take from my input.
What is wrong here? please suggest

Gert-Jan December 3, 2019 08:58

Did you try areaAve(Angular Velocity)@R1 Blade

adilarvind December 3, 2019 09:40

No, it does not work

Opaque December 3, 2019 10:56

There is some confusion here.

The CFX expression language cannot access values from the parametes provided, i.e. you are trying to access the domain angular velocity. It only access from a list of variables which are categorized as field variabels or single valued variables (see install_dir/etc/VARIABLES or documentation)

If you want to centralize your input, you should create a variable and later used elsewhere, i.e.

MyAngularVelocity = 100 [rpm]

Then use

Option = Rotating
Angular Velocity = MyAngularVelocity


tc =(8*torque_y()@R1 Blade)/(1.225*(MyAngularVelocity)^2*(0.3^5))

Also, Angular Velocity is a CEL provided variable for rigid body model. This may be why the message is even more confusing because the variable exists, but it is not the one you expect it.

adilarvind December 4, 2019 04:37

Yes, i understand it, Thanks for the reply.
i found out other way what i was intended to do.

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