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Richard March 7, 2006 14:03

Solver scheme
Hi, I am trying to transfer a stimulation done using turbogrid and tscflow into CFX 5.7.1 (the one with the workbench). what scheme should i use in CFX pre that is equivalent to Modified Linear Profile and Physical Advection Correction of TascFlow. And the parameter use in TASC is 500 time step, of residual convergence of 10^-3. And fluid time step=0.005, what should I use in CFX pre?

Robin March 7, 2006 14:10

Re: Solver scheme
Hi Richard,

CFX has no direct equivalent to the Modified Linear Profile + PAC advection scheme. The closest would be to run with a specified blend factor of 0.75. However, you should get better results with the default "High Resolution" scheme. All your other parameters have direct equivalents in CFX (use MAX residual rather than RMS, MAX was the default in TASCflow).

Regards, Robin

Richard March 9, 2006 09:55

Re: Solver scheme
Thank,really appreciate your advice. i really rushing for time to hand in my report.Pls help

First i am stimulating a pump. Therefore i use extrude to create a enclose area around the pump an cut the mat'l out, leaving behind a part with hole that take the shape of the pump inside

Then i spilt up the pump into stationary and rotating part, and use frozen rotor for the interface for them.I also create 2 cylindrical area, one as inlet flow area, another as outlet and use frozen rotor for their interface with the pump domain. I use mass flow rate for inlet and static pressure(refeence 0) for outlet.

I run this simulation for a different flow rate but get almost the same static pressure gen across the pump. How come? Inaddition there is high velocity found in at the interface.

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