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Aplus March 12, 2006 13:12

Creating inflation layers for elbow with airfoil !

I have an elbow channel which has airfoils close to the exit. To simply the simulation, two periodic walls along the width (say in z-direction) were assumed so that only one airfoil close to the exit existing for the simulations and meshing. Using the right hand rule, the flow inters in the x-direction and exits at the y-direction. The elbow is extruded in the z-direction while the airfoil is extruded ( by removing materials) in the y-direction. Therefore, the direction of the extrusion for the airfoil and the channel is NOT the same. I want to create an inflation layers around the airfoil and close to the walls (the non periodic walls) but I can't create accurate inflation layers distribution. I am using ANSYS-CFX10 for meshing. Please can you help me to find out how to make a perfect inflation layers around the airfoil as well as the walls.

Regards Aplus

TB March 13, 2006 23:22

Re: Creating inflation layers for elbow with airfo
I assume you're referring to tetra mesh. If so, are you using CFX-mesh or ICEM?

For ICEM: If you have defined a part name for the airfoil surface, you need to check the box for this part so that ICEM will know which wall you wishes to get the inflation layer. Have you done that?

I can't give you any suggestion if CFX-mesh is used.

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