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student March 13, 2006 03:48

cfx new user problem
hi everyone, i am a very new user of cfx. i would like to ask a few questions since no one tecah me this software.

i am doing a water flow analysis of an enclosure(rectangular shape) to see if water dropping vertically from the top of the enclosure can enter the enclosure. i am setting the value in global initialisation, i would like to know what should i input for the value in the cartesian velocity components u, v and w(my analysis is that water is dropping from a drip box from the top of the enclosure with velocity 0.025mms^-1)? i have tried to set some different value for them, but i can't realised what's the difference in the cfx-post.

also, in the cfx-post, i creat streamline to see the effect of water to the enclosure and i see some blue lines(very low velocity) inside the enclosure. i would like to ask how can i cut some cross sectional area(to see the effect of water to the enclosure) for the ease of showing the results for presentation?

Thank you everyone!!!

TB March 13, 2006 23:46

Re: cfx new user problem
Create some planes across your domain of interest and then point the contour plot to these planes if you like.

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