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Baskaran March 13, 2006 09:21

ICEM CFD 5.1 problem with tetra count
We are trying to create TETRA mesh using ICEM-CFD 5.1, in Windows XP platform. When the TETRA count exceeds, 41,000,000, ICEM-CFD terminates with message "Assertion failed: cells !=0, file cell_base.C, line 1065".

When we try the same in Linux (RH Enterprise version 3.0), we could able to go upto 44,000,000 TETRAs, and it terminated with message, "Abort status 134 Application is finished Error: tetra didn't create ./tetra_mesh.uns"

can somebody help to overcome this issue, in any of the above mentioned platforms??

myron March 13, 2006 10:01

Re: ICEM CFD 5.1 problem with tetra count
The memory per process on a 32-bit machine is 2 GB. You'll see slight differences on Windows vs Linux - due to differences in the OS. You may be able to subdivide to that large number of cells, but you'll never be able to do anything with the mesh - again due to memory limitations. You'll need to go to 64-bit machines.

TobiasZ March 13, 2006 13:59

Re: ICEM CFD 5.1 problem with tetra count
wao, this is really a high amount of elements. Are you sure you have enough capacity for doing the calculations?

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