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Chebeba March 15, 2006 14:32

Who stole my Yplus?
There is a whole bunch of references to the Yplus variable which is supposed to be defined on wall regions.

Only I have no Yplus in my variables list :(

There must be something I'm doing that causes it not to be saved in the result file or something???

The simulation is free surface homogenous multiphase static domain with SST turbulence model. My mesh has extrior walls with free slip, inlet and outlet. The hull is a no-slip wall boundary with 20 prism layers.

When I make the hull region color variable there is no Yplus variable in the "..." list. Neither is there any Yplus in the tree under the "Variables" tab. The FAQ says "Yplus will appear in the list of variables which are loaded into ANSYS CFX-Post, if it is appropriate for your calculation."

Only it doesn't say what makes it "appropriate"???


opaque March 15, 2006 15:51

Re: Who stole my Yplus?
Dear Chebeba,

I would call the CFX help desk, and check if there was a bug where Y+ was not being written for homogeneous multiphase..

I seems to recall/read something like that for 10.0 SP1..

Good luck, Opaque

Jeff March 18, 2006 14:19

Re: Who stole my Yplus?
a) the simulation must be turbulent, or there will be no Y+ calculated.

b) The Y+ value is not in the abreviated drop down list. You have to go to the extended list ( the [...] button ) to get to some of the advanced usage variables.


TB March 19, 2006 06:24

Re: Who stole my Yplus?

When you choose "full" output option, Y+ will normally include in the list.

Chebeba March 23, 2006 05:18

Re: Who stole my Yplus?
This was a 10.0 bug, it works fine in SP1. /C

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