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Erich March 28, 2006 10:18

Windows 64-bit, Distributed Parallel Run Issues...

Have any of you ran into issues with a distributed parallel run on two 64-bit machines with CFX-10? In the solver, it sets up the run and then halts with the following error message:

+------------------------------------------------------+ | Job Information | +------------------------------------------------------+

Host computer: W-01171 Job finished: Mon Mar 27 14:53:36 2006 Total CPU time: 2.952E+01 seconds or: (0:0:0:29.516)

(Days:Hours:Minutes:Seconds )

Total wall clock time: 3.300E+01 seconds or: (0:0:0:33.000 )(Days:Hours:Minutes:Seconds )

+------------------------------------------------------+ | | | Solver | +------------------------------------------------------+

+------------------------------------------------------+ | An error has occurred in Cfx5solve: | | | | The CFX-5 solver has terminated without writing a results file. | Command on host w01171 (W-01171) exited with return code 0. | +------------------------------------------------------+

End of solution stage.

This run of the CFX-5 Solver has finished.

The same problem converges on a local, parallel run. I realize CFX does not support 64-bit yet, but had hoped for it to run. We made the change for the 64-bit version of the structures side. The rsh command tests pass and I took all of the spaces out of the path to no avail. I almost wonder if I need a 64-bit version of MPICH? Thanks for any help.

Novice March 28, 2006 11:31

Re: Windows 64-bit, Distributed Parallel Run Issue
You should check the error message in the console window of cfx solver.

If you have the error message ("Terminal read: The handle is invalid."), You should update the rsh command by the hotfix from Microsoft.

See the following comments from Microsoft; When you use the RSH command on a computer that is running Microsoft Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2 (SP2), the RSH command does not accept input that is piped from a file.

For example, this behavior occurs when you use the following command to read input from a text file instead of from the keyboard: rsh HostName -l User_Name Command < Input_File_Name.txt Note Command specifies the command that you want to run on the remote host.

Additionally, you may receive an error message that is similar to the following: Terminal read: The handle is invalid.

Erich March 28, 2006 15:36

Re: Windows 64-bit, Distributed Parallel Run Issue
Thanks for your help. Unfortunately, I have seen this on the 32-bit version, yet it still runs. I am not getting this error (yet) on the 64-bit. I found a MPICH for 64-bit Windows, may have to try that.

Erich March 28, 2006 16:36

News Update: Service Pack 1 for CFX fixed it!!!! *NM*

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