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MTogneri April 4, 2006 12:40

Menter one-equation k-epsilon model
Hello, all,

Can anybody let me know how one can use Menter's one-equation k-epsilon model as the turbulence model? It's discussed in the CFX manual, which seems to say that it is available as an export control parameter in CFX-Pre, but it's not in the expert control parameters panel (or if it is, it's well-hidden). I'm using CFX-10.0.

Best regards,


opaque April 4, 2006 13:50

Re: Menter one-equation k-epsilon model
Dear MTogneri,

An equation for k-epsilon has two equations.. You may be referring to the one-equation Menter model for turbulent eddy viscosity..

In CFX-Pre physics tree, use right click on TURBULENCE MODEL and select Edit in Command Editor.. Replace k epsilon (or whatever you already have) by Eddy Viscosity Transport Equation

You must setup the k-epsilon (or other) first, so you will the boundary conditions right, then you can ignore the warnings that come from using the expert/hidden model.

Good luck, Opaque

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