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windhair April 5, 2006 13:13

How to use the routine GETVAR in CFX10.
Besides the USER_GETVAR in the manual, i find there is another rouutine named GETVAR, but the format of variable name is different with what used in USER_GETVAR, in USER_GETVAR I can use the name like "fluid name.component name.variable name.operation Name". But for GETVAR, the similar name description does not work. Can any expert tell me what is the variable format in GETVAR routine, or if there are adiitional document about this routine, Thanks.

opaque April 5, 2006 13:38

Re: How to use the routine GETVAR in CFX10.
Dear windhair,

The routine GETVAR is undocumented (developers only), and it is internal to the ANSYS CFX solver.. You may have seen it in examples for User Fortran junction boxes...

What are you trying to do that cannot be done via USER_GETVAR?

Your best source for help with undocumented functionality is your CFX help desk.. Give them a call.

Good luck, Opaque..

windhair April 5, 2006 14:36

Re: How to use the routine GETVAR in CFX10.
Thx, since the example I get from the surrport have the routine GETVAR rather than USER_GETVAR, so I want to know some detail about GETVAR , especiall about the variable name structure. But I can not get my surrport at this moment. Any idea?

opaque April 5, 2006 16:21

Re: How to use the routine GETVAR in CFX10.
Dear windhair,

Please contact CFX help desk.. The information about using GETVAR is far from trivial:

For example, if you were using USER_GETVAR and you make a call to USER_CALC_INFO the returned values you get use the convention for GETVAR

- the returned value of CVAR represents the WHAT argument

- the returned value of CZONE, LOCALE and ENTITY are combined to represent the WHERE argument

- the returned value of WHEN

Then, there is the issue of the array indexing after you get the pointer stack.. Different (Variables,Locale,Entity) combinations get different shapes..

So far this is just the tip of the iceberg..

Good luck, Opaque..

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