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Mgtripple April 7, 2006 08:26

Hi friends,

I have a nozzle which composed of two parts. I know that in the first part there is no combustion. Combustion occurs in the second part. I am trying to model with different domains. One reacting one not. But cfx doent let me do that

anyone has any idea ?


opaque April 7, 2006 09:19

Re: Domain
Dear Mgtripple,

Usually the ANSYS CFX solver does not like any change of physics in the flow passage (union of connected fluid domains).. You may try (risk of failing) to extract the commands file from the definition file, and using a text editor set the combustion model to None on the first domain..

If it works, you are on.. Otherwise, if you know is not going to burn, the solver should get the same results, right?.. Perhaps, you are using the EDM model and you need to set some limiters to prevent the combustion within the first domain..

Good luck, Opaque..

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