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kirby April 10, 2006 09:17

A question about source term
When I set CEL language about a source term of Reaction between propane and oxygen, the following notice appears frequently,then the calculation overflow.


Notice****** | Newtons method failed to converge in 100 iterations. This occurred while computing the following variable: | Variable Name :Temperature | Location Name :reation | Mesh location : VERTICES | Mesh entity : | Last 3 Changes : 1.59247E+33 1.59247E+33 1.59247E+33 | Tolerance : 1.0000E-02 | The Newton iteration was either slowly converging or has stalled. The solver will continue with the variable set as it was on the final iteration. If this situation continues you might try increasing the number of iterations allowed for Newtons method.This can be changed by setting one of the parameters: | Temperature : "Constitutive Relation Iteration Limit" Pressure : "Newton Pressure Iteration Limit" | | | for your mixture using the definition file editor.

What can I do, Thanks everyone!

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