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Ben Akih April 10, 2006 15:22

new to cfx
hi folks, my compliment for this great job on cfd. makes it easy for beginners to draw from your admirable experience. i am new to the cfd area and i have to simulate hypersonic flows with the aim of predictng transition. at the moment still going through tutorials. any tip on how i could get to my goal faster? i mean which models are best suited.i know that some models which work well for subsonic fail to predict transition in hypersonic. will grateful for any hints. regards, ben

Glenn Horrocks April 10, 2006 18:10

Re: new to cfx

How fast are you modelling? If dissociation is involved then things get a lot more complicated.

Glenn Horrocks

Ben Akih April 11, 2006 15:45

Re: new to cfx
hi glenn, thanks for your reaction. i see you have quite some insight in applied flow simulation. well, let's say about mach 5 for a ramp inlet. i would be more grateful for tips on how to develop skills in cfx.

Glenn Horrocks April 11, 2006 18:14

Re: new to cfx

At mach 5 some gases start having significant dissociation, it depends on the gas.

BTW: I've done a bit of CFD in my time, but I don't seem to be the "master of all fields" like ejaz is. Sounds like I have some catching up to do there. :)

Regards, Glenn Horrocks

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