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Prash April 12, 2006 13:51

Time Averaging of Wall shear in CFX 10
Hi -

In some transient simulations concerning blood flows through arteries, I intend to get a time-averaged value of wall shear (which is only applicable at the wall) in the last timestep. I want this value to be calculated for every node of my domain and written in the res file as well.

I have used the Transient Statistics option for this - but this only seems valid for parameters calculated in the entire domain and not wall shear - which is calculated only on the wall. Is there any other way - apart from writing user routine which seems to be a bit too cumbersome in CFX 10? I have used CFX-4 for doing this before where user fortran is relatively simpler to understand!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Cheers, Prash

James Date April 12, 2006 18:19

Re: Time Averaging of Wall shear in CFX 10
I would just create an expression which sums the wall shear stresses for all the arteries, then monitor this expression throughout the the transient run. Then just calculate the time-averaged shear stresses in excel from the monitor point information.

Prash April 13, 2006 14:46

Re: Time Averaging of Wall shear in CFX 10
Thanks James - I think I didnt explain my problem clearly. I want this time-averaged value (for every node) to be written in the result file so that I can view that in CFX-Post.

Cheers, Prash

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