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Anirban April 17, 2006 08:51

Multicomponent Multiphase Reaction Modelling
I have a reaction of the form A(g)+B(g) -> D(g) + S(s). So, gases A, B,C ,D are components of a Reacting mixture(RMix). Ths solid S is a user defined pure substance.

When I define a multicomponent reaction, for the products, I select Rmix, S as the parent materials. D as child material for parent RMix. Although the CFX help manual says that the child and parent material of a pure substance should be the same, the child material list box for S is empty. So, I am unable to select it. How do I select S as the child material?

Since I will be using the Eulerian Langrangian modelling, is it okay to use RMix in the fluid list & S as the particle in the Domain Definition?

Should the solid S be defined as a user material or a particle solid? If it is defined as a user material, what should its dynamic viscosity be set as?

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