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James April 18, 2006 17:16

length integration
Hello, all

I am using the function calculator(cfx-post) to calculate the length integral of a variable on a streamline. However I can't find the mathematical description of this function in help document.

The question I would ask here is: if I have N lines in a streamline plot, will the LengthInt function give an average length integration value or a tatal integration value for all N lines?

Similarly, how does the lengthint work on a particle tracking plot?



Glenn Horrocks April 18, 2006 17:40

Re: length integration

Yes, I understand the lengthInt function integrates over the entire length of the body. If you have several streamlines it will integrate over all of them. If you want the integral over only a single streamline then create a streamline object with only a single streamline by giving it a single point as a start object for instance.

Glenn Horrocks

James April 18, 2006 18:40

Re: length integration
Hi, Glenn

The integral over only a single streamline probabaly is not useful(at least in my case). So I guess I need to take N streamlines, calculate the total integral, and then dividing N to get the average integral.



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