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student April 19, 2006 11:17

about cfx-post
First of all, I have to thanks those kind guys for responding to my previous questions And now I have another question I have done a water simulation to see if an enclosure can fulfill certain Ingress Protection standard. After the necessary procedures, I create a plane to see the result

I believe the enclosure can prevent water from flowing in, however, the result shows that the enclosure is full of water!(velocity of water = 0.000e+000m s^-1 in the inside of the enclosure, nearly the whole inner part is shown with blue color, i.e. 0.000e+000m s^-1) does it mean that the enclosure is badly immersed with water?

Thank you for your attention!!!

Robin April 19, 2006 13:35

Re: about cfx-post
The velocity has nothing to do with anything. What is the volume fraction of water in your enclosure?

student April 20, 2006 02:11

Re: about cfx-post
dear robin, thanks for your response. But i don't know how to check the volume fraction of water in my enclosure, should i set something in the cfx-pre so that i can see the volume fraction of water in my enclosure in the cfx-post? Thanks

Robin April 20, 2006 13:57

Re: about cfx-post
If you ran a multiphase calculation, volume fraction will already be there.

student April 21, 2006 05:23

Re: about cfx-post
Thanks Robin, but my case is just a single phase problem (water folwing from the top of the enclosure to see if the inner part of the enclosure is immersed with water and the amount of water, i have to modify the enclosure so that it can have certain degree of water protection)

Robin April 21, 2006 09:24

Re: about cfx-post
Huh? How can expect NOT to have the enclosure immersed with water if you are only solving one phase? Do you realize that single phase means that your ENTIRE volume is filled with the same fluid?

It sounds to me like you should be running a homogenous multiphase case (i.e. Air and Water).

Regards, Robin

Stuart April 21, 2006 09:25

Re: about cfx-post
I think I am confused. You are running a simulation looking at the movement of water, potentially into a volume that is filled with air. Should this simulation not be a 2 phase problem ?? Is it possible to undertake this simulation single phase but using a scalar ??

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