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mike April 19, 2006 11:47

CFX mesh & ICEM
Hi Everybody,

As you can understand from my previous questions, I am totaly new in this area and working really hard to catch everything up. I will be very very thankful if you can make clear couple of questions in my mind about mesh generation which I believe quite basic knowledge for you guys.

I have both cfx mesh and ICEM in my modeling computer which was installed by someone before me. (I have all CFX10 installed in my computer). I know that with CFX mesh you cant create hex meshes. In that short period of time I only learned to use CFX mesh without feeling the total meaning of meshes. My question is, is CFX mesh good enough for obtaining reasonable results or do I have to learn ICEM too to have hex mesh superposed?

I am reading manuals again and again, and searching on web to find basics on this mesh generation. If you could also provide me with any kind of document which will give me the insight beriefly and simply, I would really appreciate it.

Thank alot, Mike

ms April 20, 2006 08:55

Re: CFX mesh & ICEM
The quality of the mesh you require can vary a lot depending on the quality of the results you wish to get out. If you are struggling to get to the grips wiht CFD stay with what you need. When you are more used to the process I am sure you will find converting to a new mesher quite simple as they all use pretty much the same process. i would stick with CFX mesh and if you find at a later date the meshes are not good enough then learn ICEM. No use learning somehting if you dont need to.

good luck

mike April 20, 2006 16:19

Re: CFX mesh & ICEM
Thank you very much ms, Mike

imad April 27, 2006 15:27

Re: CFX mesh & ICEM
cfx mesh did not make a hex mesh

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