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Yogesh April 22, 2006 02:11

Help CFX Steam turbine
Hi i am simulating steam turbine stages. If i run one stage (guide +Moving blades) It is running smoothly, With mass flow inlet ( & static temperature) and average static pressure at outlet. But when i run two such consecutive stages (which i run individually succesfully) with corresponding massflow at inlet and static pressure at exit. solver gives FINMES error. And when i give total pressure at inlet (with total temp) and massflow at exit it converges smoothly but off course results are not correct.As per my information this error come due to mesh problem but since i have run the stages independently so this possibility is ruled out. can anyone suggest the reasons and solution for this problem.

AP April 26, 2006 00:01

Re: Help CFX Steam turbine

Try with a lower (say 1e-6) physical time scale.... This may solve your problem. If it still presists, please try with auto time scale and later change it to physical by seeing the advection time.

Regards AP

Yogesh April 26, 2006 01:38

Re: Help CFX Steam turbine
thanks Can you give procedure to give wet steam as material with (with known dryness fractions at inlet as well as outlet ) to use RGP tables. Steam is wet throughout stage.

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