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Carlos April 26, 2006 11:08

Hope anyone can help me:

I am trying to get the torque from a rotating channeled disc by using the function TORQUE, but with no success.

I am using the following format:

torque(Axial Direction Z )@Plane 1

The disc rotates about global Z (that's why I chose Axial Dir Z) and it does not matter if I select any surface of the disc (either perpendicular or parallel to rotation direction...), it gives an error.

Any help is welcomed (I am using CFX10)


opaque April 26, 2006 11:14

Dear Carlos,

I am not sure why you are using the syntax

torque(Axial Direction Z )@Plane 1

since the documentation implies that torque()@location, and force()@location do not take an argument list..

If you want the coordinate axis component, you must use


where ? can be x, y or z on the global coordinate frame.. If you create a local coordinate frame named Joe Frame, you can also use

torque_?_Joe Frame()@location

Good luck, Opaque

Carlos April 26, 2006 12:15

Hi Opaque, thanks for answering. Obviously I have not understood clearly the instruction in the documentation. The example:

torque(Axial Direction Z )@VANES

throws and error:

ERROR Error in setting: "TORQUE" via the expression: torque(Axial Direction Z )@VANES torque(Axial Direction Z )@: read successfully, and then error found at item: VANES Call to torque: number of arguments (1) does not match expected value (0)

which agrees with your former message. But if I just use:

torque( )@VANES

it gives the following error:

ERROR Function 'torque' must have an axis.

i.e. it asks for an axis... so I just changed VANES for 'Z' or 'AXIAL DIRECTION Z' and it succeeds reading up to @... then it breaks. Does 'global Z' must be 'declared' in a way in order to be understood by the function?

PS. Unfortunately I am using 'trial and error' method to use this function... I am left with nothing but that.


opaque April 26, 2006 13:44

Dear Carlos,

Again, the documentation section

ANSYS CFX-Post, Release 10.0 | CCL and CEL in ANSYS CFX-Post | CFX Expression Language (CEL) in ANSYS CFX-Post |


torque_Axis[_Coord Frame]@Location

Notice that in ANSYS CFX documentation less/greater brackets (which I could make it work in html) imply required, and square brackets means optional

Therefore, for your case should be


Good luck, Opaque

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