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Abdulaziz Rajab April 27, 2006 12:55

FATAL error in Mehsing with ANSYS
Dear all

I am facing an error message

"Hexahedral Element has zero or negative volume. Nodes on elements must be numbered according to the right hand rule"

I tried many techniques to change the mesh as using free mesher with tetrahedrals but the same message agian

CAN anybody help me becuase I spent more than 30 days trying to solve this problem with no sign of success

I want this in my thesis, which will be submitted next week


Aplus April 28, 2006 14:24

Re: FATAL error in Mehsing with ANSYS

I guess you are using ICEM for meshing. If you are using CFX-meshing, i might be able to help you. Just let me know.

Regards, Aplus

Abdulaziz April 28, 2006 14:39

Re: FATAL error in Mehsing with ANSYS
Thanks for your response

But I am using ANSYS for meshing (no separate meshing package)

Best Regards abdulaziz

Aplus April 30, 2006 13:15

Re: FATAL error in Mehsing with ANSYS

ANSYS has two meshing software for CFX:

1- Advanced meshing which is basically ICEM 2- CFX meshing

I am using CFX meshing and I got similar message as yours with prism with zero elements. As I remembered when I put the meshing setting, it did not give me errors (committed) but when I ran the volume or surface meshing it gave error. The reason was due to the one of the setting which was not accepted by the meshing code. Check if all mesh options are OK. I mean do not have confliction with the meshing setting. If it is OK, try to suppress one setting a time and see if the error disappear….

Regards Aplus

Abdulaziz Rajab April 30, 2006 14:12

Re: FATAL error in Mehsing with ANSYS
Thanks again Aplus

I do not have that much relating to meshing and meshing settings BUT I always use VSWEEP command in ANSYS with no argument (I like defaults)

yours abdulaziz

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