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Prachi April 29, 2006 14:54

Meshing axisymmetric geometry
I am trying to create a mesh for an axisymmetric geometry in ICEM. I read about creating a 2D mesh and extruding it. I dont understand how does one create the associated surfaces and the related boundary conditions required by CFX. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Dr. Bian May 1, 2006 17:55

Re: Meshing axisymmetric geometry
I think surfaces can be created as you want, and boudary conditions are set in CFX-Pre also as you want.

But I do not understand how an axismmetric geometry piece could be created by extruding 2-D surface. It can be revolved instead.

Chirag Jayswal May 4, 2006 05:56

Re: Meshing axisymmetric geometry

While extruding a 2D surface mesh to create a 3D mesh you can only define following parts / body;

1) A single part name for all side surfaces

2) A part name for end surface

3) Body name of extruded 3D mesh

These options can be found in extrude mesh dialogue box itself. But, if you want to define anything other than above (like defining different part names for different side surfaces) then it's not possible here. This is as far as my knowledge reaches. If you find some way out, please post it online so that we also can learn about it.

Kind regards & best luck.


Prachi Middha May 15, 2006 09:29

Re: Meshing axisymmetric geometry
I think its true that you can extrude the geometry and assign a name to the volume elements and are only able to give a side and front name. After having done this one can easily create parts and assign different boundary conditions.

deLuther May 23, 2006 04:46

Re: Meshing axisymmetric geometry
If someone wants to create different boundary conditions while extruding just assign different families to bar elements at boundary of 2D mesh (this can be done if edges in hexa was assigned to curves). Then just leave name of side family field empty... and ICEM will assign side elements to corresponding families automaticaly. At least it worked in ICEM 5.1

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