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pierre victor cueille May 2, 2006 03:51

Bug for cylindrical components of flow direction ?

I am currently trying to run a case with a mass flow rate for the Inlet boundary condition.

Considering the flow is not normal to the inlet, I have been trying to impose direction to this inflow. The problem has come when imposing these components. Since they have no dimensions, I expect these are some trigo' functiuns of the flow's inclination, but input value > 1 is considered valid. Moreover, changing the value order of these components ( from 1 to 10000 in axial ) does not change the flow solution.

has anyone encountered such problem ?



opaque May 2, 2006 09:37

Re: Bug for cylindrical components of flow directi
Dear Pierre,

- The ANSYS CFX solver will normalize the flow direction vector.. It allows user to specify direction vector using "common numbers" such as (1,1,0) for 45 degrees inclination on the xy plane..

- For a plane boundary, changing the normal component should not change your results (not sure about not planar boundaries) since mdot = density * area ( v dot n).. Therefore, the axial component, i.e. v dot n, is already specified as v dot n = mdot / (density * area)..

You should contact CFX help desk for additional information, Good luck,


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