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A. Joshi May 3, 2006 21:33

Fluent and CFX benchmark
Hi CFX users,

I am interested in knowing if CFX and Fluent has been benchmarked for heat transfer problems. Which software provides better solution and provides higher productivity (ease of use, solver and parametric studies)?

I am interested in heat transfer in a rotating equipment with convection from fan air flow.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

Thanks, Ashutosh

alex May 15, 2006 17:34

Re: Fluent and CFX benchmark
hi A.Joshi!! I am working on CFX exactly for th same issues. I think that CFX is a very good solution to study rotating system with convection from fan air flow. It provides very good productivity even if its very difficult to make local studies. I studied air flow cooling of power generators.

Let me know if u have any questions about CFX for the heat transfert study in rotating equipments.


A. Joshi May 16, 2006 09:09

Re: Fluent and CFX benchmark
Thanks Alex, How do you model Fan in CFX? Represent as momentum source or fan object??

Thanks, Ashutosh

alex May 16, 2006 14:15

Re: Fluent and CFX benchmark
Hi Ashutosh, u can model it as momentum source if you know the curve "Q vs pressure". u have to know that the "pre rotation"( = shirling in front of the fan's air inlet) effect are very important. In fact, it could midify the fan curve. SO, to take account for the shirling effect, u have to represent the fan in yor 3D model.

Are you working on power generator model? For a company? Do u use CFX CFD software or Fluent?


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