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vijesh joshi May 6, 2006 00:11

Any industrial problem????
Hello friends. If any body is having some industrial problem please send me a copy. I am very much interested in solving such problems. I am being good enough in handling the external flow problems. But I can also work on internal flow problems. I dont have any experience in solving of problems in which chemical reactions are involved (like combustion). Thank you.

Chirag Jayswal May 6, 2006 06:46

Re: Any industrial problem????
Open CFX Help - Tutorials. They all are industrial problems & one or two of them also includes combustion.

Best luck.


Doug May 6, 2006 19:31

Re: Any industrial problem????
Hello Vijesh,

I am having problem solving the flow around my electric extension behind my TV.

Can you buy an electric extension, model it and solve the external and internal heat transfer?



Stuart May 10, 2006 08:28

Re: Any industrial problem????
Also may be explain the role of time steps in a steady state simulation ??? As I'm sure you'd understand this being that you are good with the external flow modelling.

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