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Camilo Costa May 11, 2006 09:59

Only one Domain or Multi-Domain
I study one simple cavity (2D: in axis z have one lelement) that have in your left side eletronic circuits whith diferents geometrics and diferents heat flux generation(5W, 20W, 2000W, etc.). In the right side have a wall that have temperature constant. The top and botton are isolated. My Ra number is 1,4E13 because a greater heat generation, and because this i have a turbulents recircutaions.

My mesh is total hexagonal that contais 320000 elements and i simulate this in a cluster whit have four pcs that have a processor pentioun 4 3000 and 1 Gb of memory ram.

I can modelate this in only on domain that contains all circuits and walls. But my question is? If divide my domain in 4 and put interfaces fluid-fluid for this 4 domains my simulation will go more faster?

Sachin Shendge May 12, 2006 01:15

Re: Only one Domain or Multi-Domain

If you want to use tetramesh for some regions and hexamesh for some regions for better accuracy, it is worth using different domains. Otherwise single domain is sufficient. Using fluid-fluid interfaces will unnecessarily increase cpu time and also flow through interface will be somewhat inaccurate as compared to single domain.


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