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Yolanda May 11, 2006 11:17

Error #001100279
Hi! I'm a spanish student and I'm writing my project. I'm the first person who use Ansys CFX in my university and I can't solve my problem. This is the error message:

ERROR #001100279 has occurred in subroutine ErrAction.


An error: Illegal variable: MASFRN_FL1 in call back function probe on locale MONP1

Writing crash recovery file

Details of error:

Error detected by routine FNDFIL



I've put a Monitor Point to simulate a sensor to detect the mass fraction of hydrogen in a room. The problem is very similar to the tutorial 17 (Air conditioning Simulation) but it doesn't work. Could anybody help me? Thank you very much.

Yolanda May 11, 2006 12:07

Re: Error #001100279
The expression for the mass fraction measured by the sensor is: CSensor = probe(mixfrc)@Detector

where Detector is a Monitor Point. Is that the right variable? could it be: mixfrc, mf, mixvar,...?

opaque May 11, 2006 12:09

Re: Error #001100279
Dear Yolanda,

The ANSYS CFX solver implies that you requested the variable

Fluid.Mass Fraction

is that what you did? If so, is this a multicomponent fluid? Otherwise, the use of mass fraction is illegal..

Assuming is a multicomponent fluid, the proper syntax should be something like

Fluid Name.Component Name.Mass Fraction

Posting the monitor point definition will be helpful for some of us here to help you..

Good luck,


Yolanda May 11, 2006 12:15

Re: Error #001100279
Yes, yes, it's a Variable Mixture. So, do you know what's the right variable? mf or mixfrc? Thank you very much!

Yolanda May 11, 2006 12:21

Re: Error #001100279
Well, I've tried but it doesn't accept H2, Hydrogen o H2IdealGas as a valid name. My material is called Mixture (Air and Hydrogen). CFX accepts Mixture but not H2. I've written:


Thanks for help me!

Yolanda May 11, 2006 12:37

Re: Error #001100279
Well, now CFX accepts:

probe(Mixture.H2 Ideal Gas.Mass Fraction)@Detector

But, like in the tutorial 17 (Air Conditioning), I have an inlet which depends on a User CEL Function by means of a variable defined in Expressions:

H2MassFraction = H2On*1 H2On = Sensor Function ( , , ...)

I've got this message:

The function 'probe' referenced in parameter 'Mass Fraction' in object '/FLOW/DOMAIN:Room/BOUNDARY:InletH2/BOUNDARY CONDITIONS/COMPONENT:H2 Ideal Gas' has an invalid argument, 'Mixture.H2 Ideal Gas.Mass Fraction'. The prefixed variable is not valid in the context of the locator 'Detector'.

Please help me. I'm so near the solution....

opaque May 11, 2006 13:18

Re: Error #001100279
Dear Yolanda,

Please set the Mass Fraction to a fixed value, ie. 0.1.. And check if the ANSYS CFX solver can monitor the value first..

From what you have said so far:

1 - You have a mixture named Mixture

2 - H2 Ideal Gas and Air Ideal Gas are components of the mixture

Therefore, the syntax Mixture.H2 Ideal Gas.Mass Fraction, or Mixture.H2 Ideal are valid syntax..

If that is just only problem, try writing the definition file, and run it in the solver.. If it works, the pre-processor is being over-restrictive..

Good luck,


Yolanda May 15, 2006 06:34

Thanks opaque
I'm just writing to thank you for your help. I think I haven't solved all my problems yet but I don't have mistakes any more! Thank you very much!

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