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Lena May 11, 2006 11:19

boundary condition with user fortran

I try do set a time- and locationdependent boundary condition for a 3D-simulation using a user fortran routine. That routine interpolates the values I need out of a table I got from a 2D-simulation.

My problem is, that if I check the interpolated values which my routine gives back to the calculation in the beginnig of a timestep are correct. But if I write a backup-file at the end of the same timestep, the values I get are different to the values i've set in the beginning of that timestep.

Does anybody know that problem ?

Robin May 11, 2006 14:33

Re: boundary condition with user fortran
Hi Lena,

Make sure you are looking at the "Hybrid" values at the boundary. The conservative values represent the control volume next to the boundary and will differ from the boundary value.

Regards, Robin

Lena May 12, 2006 02:50

Re: boundary condition with user fortran
Hi Robin,

That was actually my mistake!

Thanks a lot for helping me :)

Regards, Lena

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