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Karsten May 12, 2006 14:05

cfxsolve-Monitor Finished Run changes restart file
If i open a restart file in cfx5solve via "monitor finished run" the file changes. It also grows approx. 14kb each time. I don't expect this behaviour because the data should not have been modified. This makes automatic backups more complicated. Ist this a bug or can it even destroy the restart files sooner or later?

opaque May 12, 2006 14:09

Re: cfxsolve-Monitor Finished Run changes restart
Dear Karsten,

The solution has not changed, but cfx5solve also retrieves/store data in the results (you called restart) file. For example, that is just how it recalls which plots you were looking at the last time..

Will that explain it?


Karsten May 12, 2006 14:22

yes but
sorry you are right i meant the results file. The additional settings may be there but only opening and closing the file without changing any view or setting also changes and grows the file. So maybe the settings are duplicated each time. or something else...

opaque May 12, 2006 14:46

Re: yes but
Dear karsten,

That is correct.. The cfx5solve GUI command, a.k.a Solver Manager, reinsert the last state back to the results file regardless if you have/have not made any changes..

If you are using UNIX, you could do as follows

tail -20 myresult_00x.res

and you will something like


where SMSTATE is the Solver Manager state..

is that behavior a major problem for you?

Good luck,


Karsten May 13, 2006 05:01

Re: yes but
Thank you for the precise answer. I am glad to see that this doesn't seem to affect the "real data" in the result file. It is not a major problem because i can export the run information i need and refrain from using the monitor finished run feature, now that i know what is happening.

Patrick May 16, 2006 09:07

Re: Try SP1
The same problem appears in Pre; open a project, save it without any changes and the filesize grows... This bug disappears with SP1.

opaque May 16, 2006 10:31

Re: Try SP1

Karsten observations are not related to the CFX-Pre misbehavior before SP1.. I hope Karsten is already running 10.0 SP1 anyways..

The ANSYS CFX definition/results files (*.def and *.res) contain historical data.. That is, uses of the Solver Manager, or the Definition File Editor are stored and new information is added to the file..Therefore, the file grows..


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