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H May 12, 2006 14:27

Drying simulation setup
Hello all

I am trying to set up a simulation using CFX-5.6 but since I'm new to CFD I could really use some advice.

I want to simulate the evaporation of a layer of water, surrounding a solid placed within an enclosure, when exposed to currents of hot air with low humidity contents at the inlets, in order to study local intensities (i.e. throughout the surface of the solid) of the drying process.

I have some doubts about what the best options would be, in terms of 2- and 3-D regions (i.e. boundary conditions, domains and sub-domains) as well as regarding which particular models should be used. Should I try to model an actual layer of water of some kind, or would an inlet or mass source be more suitable? And what would be the correct way to model the later as a function of local flow parameters and geometry, rather than as a constant?

Any advice on this would be most welcome.

Thank you in advance.

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