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Yolanda May 17, 2006 06:27

problem with probe
Hi again!

I haven't solved all my problems yet. I have an inlet whose velocity depends on a routine (H2On) that is going to be:

1 = input on

0 = input off

like that --> expressions:

VelocityY = H2On*10 [m s^-1]

H2On = Sensor Function(CSensor,CLim,aitern)

CSensor = probe(Mixture.H2 Ideal Gas.Mass Fraction)@Detector

where Detector is a monitor point and CLim is a constant.

The message I've got is:

The function 'probe' referenced in parameter 'V' in object '/FLOW/DOMAIN:Room/BOUNDARY:InletH2/BOUNDARY CONDITIONS/MASS AND MOMENTUM' has an invalid argument, 'Mixture.H2 Ideal Gas.Mass Fraction'. The prefixed variable is not valid in the context of the locator 'Detector'.

Where's the problem? Syntaxis? The routine? It's very similar to the tutorial 17 (Air Conditioning) but it doesn't work. Thank you!

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